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Croydon Osteopathic Practice
33A Heathfield Road,
South Croydon,
CR0 1EY.

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Croydon Osteopathic Practice


To minimise the number of people leaving their homes we are offering a FREE telephone or FaceTime triage for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown. If you wish to use FaceTime please telephone first to ensure I am free.

As Primary Healthcare Practioners we are following the General Osteopathic Counseil Guidelines and will stay open until such time as we are ordered by the Government to close. If you are in pain and cannot get to the clinic for treatment we can offer advice over the phone. Please do not attend the clinic if you have any symptoms that have been highlighted with COVID-19 (cough, sore throat, fever etc).

Probably the best Osteopath in Croydon

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that emphasises the role of the mechanical integrity of the body in the maintenance of health. It is a safe, natural and drug free approach to health care. Osteopaths utilise hands on techniques to optimise the function of the body and allow it to express it's innate health.

The causes of many aches and pains are often found in your everyday life. Consequently, simple home-based postural exercises, and advice regarding work position and sports or leisure activities may be given during treatment.

Where appropriate, x-rays, scans and diagnostic tests can be arranged for you during a course of treatment.

Using Osteopathic techniques, we have developed our own unique snoring treatment that was covered in both the local and national press. The first treatment is free so if you've got snoring problems then why not give it a try.

If you are unsure as to whether Osteopathy may help you we will be happy to discuss your case in person or over the telephone.

Mr Simon NARRAMORE - BSc (Hons) Ost

  • Registered with the General Osteopathic Council
  • Fully insured
  • Holder of BSc (Hons) degrees in Osteopathy
  • Graduate of the British School of Osteopathy, the UK's premier Osteopathic educational establishment
  • I have been using Bowen Therapy for two years and I'm always astounded that something so gentle can be so effective for such a varied range of problems. It gives me something extra to help my patients recover quicker.

Testamonials about Osteopathy and Bowen Therapy

"Well what can I say, this man is the breath of fresh air I have needed for years as been under someone else n was getting same ole same ole all the time until my back locked proper New Yearís Eve after hurting it the August before it took a long time. Simon saved my life as I was at my wits end with constant back pain n struggling. Bowen is the best ever, Iím as right as rain now n go for a top up every month - money well spent. Really nice guy, laid back, and makes you feel really at ease. Wouldnít go anywhere else so donít you be retiring in a hurry or moving on my love, well done you you're a blessing."
L Skeen

"I would like to thank the practitioner who saw me yesterday and asked me to go to the A&E. You actually saved my life. I have blood clot in my lungs, and i am being treated right now. Thus I will not attend the clinic."

"I went through decades of misdiagnosis for my back pains which were at times debilitating. Within a few sessions, Simon hit the nail on the head and diagnosed me correctly. Thanks to Simon's insight I am receiving correct treatment and finally have pain-free movement."
Mr M.B.

"In the 7 years Ive been coming to Simon for Osteopathic treatment Ive always been very happy with the results, but the Bowen seems to give me an emotional as well as physical lift."
Mrs K Barker

"Simon is my life saver! He diagnosed and treated my shoulder injury so that I have full movement again. My specialist said that Simon's treatment prevented permanent disability!"
Mrs H Knapp
Osteopathy may help with:

Back pain and referred leg pain
Joint injuries and stiffness
Muscular injuries and strains
Neck pain and stiffness
Back wear and tear
Hip / knee / foot problems
Shoulder / elbow / hand pain
Headaches (all types)
Road Traffc injuries to neck, back and joints
Breathing problems
Sports injuries / rehabilitation
Stress and tiredness
Work-related musculoskeletal problems
Pregnancy-related back pain
Snoring problems

Osteopathy or Bowen Therapy can also help Babies and Children with:

Growing pains
Sleep disturbance
Feeding problems

Free parking is available for patients
Graham Spicer Table Tennis Club
We are now offering osteopathy to members of the Graham Spicer Table Tennis Cub in New Malden. This is one of the most respected clubs in London and is an ETTA Premiere table tennis academy.